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Using marijuana for medicinal purposes is an ancient practice that dates back centuries. After a long stint of being stigmatized by the media, medical marijuana is now being accepted as a legitimate healing tool. In fact, medical marijuana has been legal in Sanford, Dayton, Kennebunk, ME and the surrounding area since 1999.

Elixir Extracts is licensed to sell medical marijuana in Sanford, Dayton, Kennebunk, ME. Our clients come to us for infused products, natural flower and consulting services. Whether you use medical marijuana for anxiety or chronic pain, you can find what you're looking for with us. Call now to set up your delivery service.

Are you a good candidate for medical marijuana?

Many individuals use medical marijuana for anxiety, pain, depression and more. Often, users report an overall increase in:


Before adding hemp to your wellness routine, please consult your health care professional. You must have a medical marijuana card in your name to shop with us.

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