Incorporate Marijuana in Your Wellness Plan

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Elixir Extracts is home to over 90 different cannabis flowers and plenty of delicious edibles. All medical marijuana products are made with love by our expert caregivers. Since we strive to provide top-quality products, we'll never sell you an item that doesn't meet our high standards.

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Enhance your personal recipe with cannabis concentrates

Elixir Extracts is known for providing our clients with a quality product that's free of harmful toxins. We're proud to sell the following cannabis concentrates:

Distillates: These are topical oils that are said to produce a calming effect.
Sugar wax: This can enhance your favorite edible treat.
Batter: This concentrate is spreadable and used to enhance your smoking experience.
Shatter: This candy-like concentrate is perfect for smoking or vaping.

Add cannabis concentrates to your vaporizer cartridge or delicious recipe.

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